ObjectAid Update Site

This is the Eclipse update site for the ObjectAid UML Explorer. Below is the information to use in Eclipse for a remote update site. For detailed instructions, please see the Installation section.

Name: ObjectAid UML Explorer
URL: http://www.objectaid.net/update
  • You need a license to use the Sequence Diagram Editor or the Diagram Add-On. The section Install a License describes how you can obtain and install a license.
  • The above URL will not work in a browser. This is only an Eclipse update site URL. If you need to check the availability of the Update Site with a browser, please use http://www.objectaid.net/update/site.xml.
  • You can also download a ZIP file with the latest version. Its contents can be used as a local update site. It can also be extracted directly into your Eclipse directory.
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The ObjectAid UML Explorer is an Eclipse plug-in, so you need a Java Development Kit and the Eclipse Java IDE to use it.

  • JDK 6.0 or higher
  • Eclipse 3.6.x or higher with the JDT (Java Development Tooling)
  • GEF (Graphical Editor Framework) 3.6.x or higher
  • Alternatively: One of the packaged Eclipse distributions that contain the basic Eclipse workbench as well as the Java Development Tooling (JDT) and the Graphical Editor Framework (GEF).